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12-01-2021 | 18:34 Football

Steve Nicol makes prediction for Manchester United vs Liverpool clashes

Steve Nicol has given his prediction ahead of Premier League and FA Cup matches between Liverpool and Manchester United. The two teams are set to face each other this weekend for the league match, a week later battling in the FA Cup fourth round. And Nicol thinks neither Reds nor United will win both of their fixtures this month, while both teams will prioritise the league game. "Well, the only thing I can tell you is that it’s extremely unusual that one team wins both," he told ESPN. "Having been in that situation on many, many situations – depending on the result of the first one, the other one goes completely different. "I guess if you’re Liverpool: do you want to win the FA Cup game or do you want to win the Premier League game? It’s the same question for Manchester United.  "When you go into it, you’ll think, “Oh right, we’ll win both”. But as I said, experience tells me and being involved in it many, many times no one team wins both. "I guess if you ask both of these sides, which one do you want to win. I suggest that both will say the Premier League game."
Source: Metro UK 
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