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Karine Grigoryan

23-11-2019 | 13:55 Basketball

Steve Kerr speaks out on Kevon Looney as he is nearing a return

Golden State Warriors player Kevon Looney will practice with the Warriors on Sunday as he is recovering from a neuropathic condition that sidelined him almost all season as per Logan Murdock. https://twitter.com/loganmmurdock/status/1198037539254231041?s=20 Prior to Warriors game with Utah Jazz, Steve Kerr said: “We’ve missed Kevon, big-time. “He’s been an important player for us the last couple of years. Excellent defender and versatile defender, so we’re looking forward to getting him back.” Golden State Warriors went on losing the game against Jazz with a 113-109 score. source - San Fransico Chronicle.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr speaks out on Draymond Green return

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