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Karine Grigoryan

16-04-2019 | 19:11 Basketball

Stephen Curry spoke out on the defeat to Los Angeles Clippers

Golden State Warriors blew 31-point lead as they lost 131-135 to Los Angeles Clippers in the NBA playoffs round 1 game 2. After the defeat, Warriors point guard Stephen Curry reminded the media Monday night that Golden State has suffered much more painful defeats than their Game 2 collapse against the LA Clippers. "If I had the answer for it, a night like tonight wouldn't happen," Curry told reporters. "This game is tough, it's hard to win playoff games no matter what the matchup is, no matter what the history is, the regular season, team versus team. It's tough. "For 6 1/2 quarters we played amazing, had a 31-point lead. The wheels fell off. I know we can get it back. We've got to put together 48 minutes of it, just a collective energy, positivity around everything we do. "The locker room was down, as it should be, because every game matters to us. We've just got to bounce back."

Stephen Curry set a record in the NBA playoffs

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