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02-12-2018 | 14:53 Football

Sol Campbell speaks out on Tottenham and Arsenal title chances

Former Arsenal and Tottenham defender Sol Campbell says both North London clubs will not win EPL title, as there are other teams that are dominant in the league. “The trouble with where Spurs and Arsenal are now, is that things have changed. The two dominant teams are Manchester City and Liverpool." Campbell said (via The Sun) “The guys at the top are willing to put their money where their mouth is. “Liverpool’s owners have shown they are willing to go for it and the guys at Manchester City just want to win and dominate. “It’s a two-horse race already. This season, City and Liverpool are not going to drop too many points.” Campbell has played for Tottenham before joining Arsenal. Despite being considered as a Gunners legend, he is called 'Judas' among Tottenham fans. “Spurs didn’t invest in their squad in the summer and if Tottenham and Arsenal have any ambition to contest the league title, they’ve still a long way to go." Campbell added. “It’s only after ten years-plus you realise what an achievement our Invincibles season was. “If there’s any team that can join us, it’s Manchester City.”

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