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31-10-2019 | 17:47 Formula 1

Sebastian Vettel: “Formula 1 needs to be simplified”

Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel says protecting the “DNA” of F1is important. However, Vettel insists the new regulations needed to simplify the series and promoted better racing. The Four-time world Champion doesn’t want all the cars on the grid to end up being the same. “We’ve seen that the longer the rules are in place then the closer the field tends to be,” Vettel told Autosport.com. “That’s true for the top three teams, but then there is still quite a big gap to the teams behind. You have the best teams in the front and the best drivers in the front, no matter which rules you’re running, but for sure it will be nicer if you bring everybody closer together. “I hope that whatever comes out is good for the sport because something needs to happen. Everybody is spending a lot of money to try and find a little bit of performance. In a way, it has to be simplified. “There is always a fine line between keeping the DNA of Formula 1 and trying to string everybody together. You don’t want the same cars for everybody with the same engines, because that would not be Formula 1. But something must happen because otherwise, I think it’s very difficult to master the future and the future challenges of motor racing.”

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