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Karine Grigoryan

04-11-2019 | 19:34 Football

"We all saw it Jurgen". Manchester City fans react to Jurgen Klopp's words on Sadio Mane dive

As Liverpool are preparing to play Champions League game against Genk tomorrow, November 5, Jurgen Klopp gave a press conference during which he was asked about Pep Guardiola's "diving" comments. To which, Jurgen Klopp answered: "I am not in a Man City mood at the moment. I am 100% sure he only talks about Sadio. Don’t know how he could have known about the incident so soon after the game. Sadio is not a diver! Contact at Villa, no penalty but was contact. Not like he jumped over.I am absolutely not in the mood to talk about Man City. Genk or us, whatever but not Man City.” After the press conference, Manchester City fans took to Twitter to discuss Klopp's words. One wrote: "We all saw it Jurgen." While the other one added: "Well, on Saturday the ref begged to differ." https://twitter.com/GaryParsons21/status/1191358145152634883 https://twitter.com/blueaamcfc/status/1191354635992231936 https://twitter.com/itz_jpb/status/1191362890395090945

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