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Alla Zakarian

05-04-2019 | 19:31 Tennis

Roger Federer reveals why he continues to play tennis

Roger Federer captured his fourth Miami Open title with an emphatic 6-1 6-4 win over defending champion John Isner. Following his victory at the Dubai Championships, Federer became the first two-time champion on the ATP Tour this season, ending a streak of 19 different winners in 2019. Speaking to ESPN, the Swiss player said: "This is why I am playing, hopefully, win big titles like this in Miami, this is one of the biggest ones we have on the Tour so I am just so excited and it shows that the process I am going through is the right one, that the team is the right one, that the on-court work I am doing is right, the tactical approach to the matches is right. I am still able to prioritize all the right things in my life the right way, so I do not need this to continue playing that per se but what I do need is the feeling that I am really having a great time doing it and if you have a great success that's fantastic. And this is plenty of success, it just gives me a good feeling, I do not know if now it gives me an extra three months on tour, I do not believe that way, it just gives me happiness at the moment right now which I love."

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