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08-06-2019 | 16:04 Tennis

Roger Federer reveals the biggest regret of loss to Rafael Nadal

Richard Sellers/PA Images/Getty Images Rafael Nadal is one step away from his 12th French Open title after a 6-3 6-4 6-2 semi-final win over Roger Federer. Federer has revealed his biggest regret of loss to Nadal. "Yeah, I mean, I think the first set was mostly about getting used to conditions, you know. It was incredibly windy," said Federer. "Especially, you know, for a big match like this for both of us, it's just really complicated, you know. So you're trying to see how much can you do or can you not do? Are you playing flatter or with more spin? Are you keeping the ball in play? Are you going for stuff? I think that was basically the story of the first set, more or less. Of course, it would have been great, you know, to stay with him. In those kinds of conditions, I think we both knew that a lot can happen, you know. One wind gust here, you find yourself on your serve at 30-All, and you already feel like you're not controlling things anymore like in normal conditions. "So I think that was the story of the first set. The second set, I think there is definitely the biggest regret is to get broken at 2-Love with the wind in my back. If I can avoid that one, maybe the second set turns out to be different. But I think holding serve against the wind with Rafa's quality on the return is just really hard, you know. He barely misses any. And then when he's in the rally, he plays with a great spin on the forehand, great sort of control on the backhand side. So it's just really hard to find holes, especially in the wind, if you're trying to hit through the ball, which is really difficult, actually. But it was windy for both. He was better, no doubt about it. But I had maybe mini chances today, but they were not big enough to win today."

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