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07-04-2019 | 16:18 Tennis

Roger Federer criticizes tennis outfit makers for being ‘too modern’

Roger Federer thinks tennis polo is too iconic to overshadow it funky designed outfits, that brands do now. After 24-year collaboration with Nike Federer has signed a deal with Uniqlo and is working with that company for several months.   “To be quite honest, I just feel like we have some awful tennis-looking outfits sometimes. They’ve just gone too far in the wrong direction. They want to make it look too much like a modern tennis shirt that is completely wrong, in terms of designs.” Federer has spoken out on modern outfits (via Tennis World USA) “Like a truck drove over it — or they’re just going to come up with funky graphics, which I think in a sport of tennis, that has such a rich history…you know, the tennis polo is very iconic. I feel like if we work on that, to redesign that, which looks nice and crisp and new and fresh, that’s really important to me.” he has added.

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