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17-06-2020 | 20:34 Esport (cyber)

Riot Games unveils VALORANT esports league with Ignition Series

Riot Games has announced the VALORANT Ignition Series, as part of the company’s efforts to build an esports community for their new multiplayer FPS. In the announcement, Riot describe the competitive culture that developed around the game throughout its closed beta, and how the series will capitalize on the momentum. To do so, Riot Games has partnered with more than 20 esports organizations that will host and design their own unique VALORANT events. Events announced on Wednesday include the G2 Esports VALORANT Invitational, and a tournament at Japan’s largest esports event, Rage, both from June 19th to June 21st. G2’s event will have a twist, as 8 teams with 8 captains will go head to head, but captains will not know who their teammates are until the day before the tournament. The Rage tournament will be more traditional, as established teams like DetonatioN Gaming and JUPITER will be invited to compete for a winner-take-all prize of 500,000 yen. The game’s first official tournament series for VALORANT, Riot Games will be “sharing lessons between tournament organizers to improve the experience week over week.” Source- mxdwn.com

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