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20-10-2019 | 17:32 Football

Rio Ferdinand sends message to Manchester United players ahead of Liverpool game

Manchester United are preparing to play crucial Premier League game against Liverpool at Old Trafford. Ahead of the game, former United star Rio Ferdinand has sent a passionate message to the Red Devils. With a post on his Facebook account, Ferdinand wrote: "Manchester United vs Liverpool. This Game Is That Big... "The fact that even now after the many games we won, great comebacks, cup wins & UCL nights.... I still get United fans coming up to me saying, “Rio, that goal against Liverpool was my childhood” or something of that nature.. (I have to ask what one as I have scored a couple of bangers against them!) "But it just shows you what this game means to Manchester United & the fans. "As a player who comes into the club and who isn’t local you are quickly made aware what this game means to you once you have signed - EVERYTHING. You can’t lose, you leave everything on that pitch, you win your individual battles, you give their fans nothing to shout about, you send them back across the M62 in silence...I could go on! "But it’s about every single one of the squad understanding the importance of Man Utd vs Liverpool. You would see some new players, British or foreign, after a game sitting there wide eyed saying “I didn’t realise it was this mad & that the city gets so crazy leading up to the game”. "Losing just isn’t an option & today that couldn’t apply more. The position #MUFC are in adds even more pressure on the players. The players can’t see it like us fans though - thinking about all of the above just adds to the pressure of a game of this magnitude. The players have to see this game as a huge opportunity for themselves as individuals & as a team to be the catalyst for a bright new future by playing an important role in getting a win. "This is an opportunity to play a pivotal role in turning around the fortunes at this great club. That should make them excited going into this game not fearful - fear comes with not being able to handle the pressure. We can’t go there. Seize the opportunity should be the mentality going into this game. Go and do it. "Enjoy these moments, they are great......when you win! Good luck to the boys."

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