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Alla Zakarian

23-09-2019 | 12:42 Football

Reason why Chelsea fans unveiled a massive Eden Hazard banner against Liverpool

Chelsea fans unveiled a massive Eden Hazard banner ahead of Sunday’s Premier League clash with Liverpool. Huge flags are often displayed before games at Stamford Bridge and usually, they celebrate current players or legends of the club. Confused Sky Sports viewers took to social media to ask what Chelsea fans were up to in unveiling the flag. It turns out the stunt was a simple mistake. A tweet posted by We Are The Shed, a Twitter page set up by Blues fans, read: "People actually thinking the Hazard flag was used on purpose by the Matthew Harding stand. Just an error that's all. So much work/effort goes into organising these things and having so many flags it was bound to happen one day! Wasn't ideal but if we can't laugh at ourselves."

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