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Press Conference: Solskjaer reveals injury boost and January transfer plans, speaks about future Pogba and Rashford

Manchester United will face Tranmere Rovers on Sunday in their FA Cup fixture. Ahead of the game, United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has faced the press. Team news
Victor has recovered so he’s well again, so let’s see how well he feels today and tomorrow and apart from that no one has got any knocks that is anything to think about.
Bailly latest and pitch concerns
Eric has had a couple of behind closed doors games here. The pitch is not great but that’s the same for both of us and the players just have to be focused, ready, there are divots everywhere. This generation coming through with astroturf and nice pitches get lazier in the heads. Eric is one of team who’s more prepared for that pitch. Everyone’s got to be focused with the bounce of the ball.
The energy in squad amid fixture schedule
Of course, we can go again, it’s the second day today recovery, you’ve just gotta get onto it, onto the next one with the right mentality, you’re disappointed and down, I’m not gonna lie, it’s not been nice losing two games but you spend an hour or two and get over it.
Transfer latest
It is stretched but we’re getting players back after the break as well, so we will be better off for the break. We’re still working on one or two things so let’s see if the club get it over the line.
Negativity within the football club?
On the training ground, the mood’s still good, everyone’s down because we don’t win. It’s understandable sometimes supporters air frustrations and the last week has been two disappointing results that has probably enhanced that feeling. But, for us, you get used to it at this club. You get used to the ups and downs and as we’ve spoken about here you’ve got to get on with it, when you do badly you know you’ve got a job to do.
How does Solskjaer lift himself?

Loads of different things. Sometimes you take your mind off football and spend time with your family.

Need for signings
I think our fans know what we have started on and I’ve been trusted to do that job and that rebuild doesn’t go one way all the time, it doesn’t just go we’re doing great, we’re doing great, said it so many times. The foundation has to be laid and the culture has to be properly set and laid down and this group is a good core of players that believe in themselves and what we’re doing to carry us forward with signings and players coming back. You need to knock the house down, you don’t just start with the roof, we’ve had some rainy days and wish that roof was on, but we can’t hide.
Why can't United spend so much money?
For me, we do have a way of doing things, you can see other teams have done well. You can see Jurgen spent four years building his team and they’re doing well now, it’s not gonna be a quick fix, and it’s not eight or 10 players in in one transfer window, we’ve had one proper transfer window and we are trying to do something now.
Will you get enough time?
When you start on something you stick to that plan. I’m not gonna change six or eight, or nine or 10 months into the job and start believing in a different way. I’m gonna stick to what I’ve been trusted to do by the club and hopefully, that’ll be good enough, that what we can see is right. All my conversations with the club have been positive.
Does the club need to hold its nerve?
We can’t react to all the noise outside, there’ll always be criticism, you’ve got to take it, you’ve got to be stronger mentally. I am, the club is, the staff are very strong mentally and we’re sticking to what we believe in and I’ve got full faith in what we’re doing.
Rashford involved in meetings?
At the moment he’s been having loads of treatment so might be in meeting today or tomorrow who knows. Marcus is a genuine Manchester United supporter wants us to do well and help. He’s at the games.
Pogba not around?
We all want this to go well and all got different ways of showing how much we care.
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