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13-05-2021 | 16:47 Football

Press conference: Pep Guardiola on title win, De Bruyne fitness, Klopp's text, UCL final in Porto and more

  Manchester City are preparing to face Newcastle in the Premier League on Friday. Pep Guardiola's side were crowned as Premier League champions on Tuesday when Manchester United suffered a 2-1 defeat to Leicester City. Ahead of the clash with Newcastle, Guardiola gave a press conference, where he spoke out on winning the title, provided an update on Kevin De Bruyne and more. On title win "All similar, always is difficult. The pandemic makes this one incredible, it's a pleasure to win. The amount of effort behind the scenes makes every title incredible." On De Bruyne's fitness? "He's still injured, getting better. When he's fit he'll come to training. The guys who are completely fit will have the chance to play the final. We give information to the players to play the last games of the season." On if winning the title gives Champions League boost "It's nice to win the title, no matter when. We prepare for the next games, then the last game against Chelsea. The best way to prepare is train good every day." On what did Klopp text him? "I appreciate it a lot, him and Ancelotti. I don't answer messages, not yet, but I will today. I appreciate it, I admire them. It was an inspiration for me, he makes me through his teams at Dortmund and Liverpool a better manager, to think a lot about the opponents. I say thank you so much and appreciate him and Carlo."  On how they celebrated "It was so nice, normally the unexpected parties are the nicest ones. All together we came here in our bubble, everyone is safe. We drink a bit, dance, hug, at 11.30 pizzas arrived and that was the best moment of the nice. In England the parties are just alcohol, not food I don't know why, so when the pizza arrived was the best moment." On Champions League final in Porto "UEFA decide so we will go. Portugal, Turkey, Istanbul I never had the opportunity to go, even in the Champions League. For Ilkay I wanted to go there but UEFA decides to go to Portugal so no problem there."   source - Manchester Evening News / Join us on Telegram!/ Follow us on Twitter!

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