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04-11-2019 | 18:04 Football

Press conference: Jurgen Klopp on VAR, Guardiola's comments, late goals and more

Liverpool are preparing to host Genk in the Champions League tomorrow, November 5th. Ahead of the game Jurgen Klopp has given a press conference, where he spoke out on VAR, Guardiola's comments, late goals and more. On VAR: "We all expected proper improvements, still think it is possible. There will couple of problems. In Germany, it was difficult, too. So far, we cannot really [judge]. We wanted clarification. Sometimes for you and against but the right decisions. "I think it is clear we all need to improve it in meetings and so on and will will try." On Pep comments: "I am not in a Man City mood at the moment. I am 100% sure he only talks about Sadio. Don't know how he could have known about the incident so soon after the game. Sadio is not a diver! Contact at Villa, no penalty but was contact. Not like he jumped over. "I am absolutely not in the mood to talk about Man City. Genk or us, whatever but not Man City." On late goals: "We have to [score late]. We are there to squeeze everything out of the 95 mins we can. That's the situation. One side shows a problem when we concede when we are not 3,4-0 up. It's like it should be, information only. We go for it. We want to win football games. "100% v Villa I wasn't sure we would score, but I knew we would try. Late goals v Spurs, Man Utd, Villa, it is important. I don't care, we have to win but I don't expect perfection. We usually defend set-pieces very well but we accept Villa did well." On clan sheets: "For me, it is more important the other team don't create. If a team score with one shot, it is not nice but it is something we can't work on. Ali is annoyed without clean sheets but he is happy as everyone when we win games. We have to score goals." On being favourites: "It's a challenge but a nice one to have, means you have a good team,. It's not the biggest problem to have. It's 100% clear we have to put in a proper shift." On CL group:  "We have to use the spaces. The group is still open and we need everyone. They can still make Europa League so they still have targets. We need to respect them. Story of last 2 years, we were always spot on when we needed to be." On comebacks: "We don't have time to train this. All my family and friends tell me they try to enjoy us but it is more nervy than exciting. First half we were not that good, second, very good. Some things against us, we stayed on tracks. Character and mentality. "We don't expect that [comebacks] will happen without influence. I can imagine it is pretty hard to follow us. Sorry." source - LiverpoolEcho

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