Premier League clubs spent astonishing £211 million on agents last year

Premier League clubs paid out over £211 million in agent fees last year which is more than it took buying Neymar. FA published their full list of agent fees for the year February 1 2017-January 31 2018 where it’s seen how much money is lost on agents. Liverpool top the list having paid £26,793,503 to intermediaries over the 12 month period when they signed Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain , Virgil Van Dijk and Mo Salah. Premier League Agent Spending 2017-2018 Liverpool £26.79m Chelsea £25.14m Man City 23.47m Man Utd £18m Watford £13.39m Everton £12.05m Arsenal £10.56m Leicester £9.91m West Ham £8.38m Bournemouth £7.73m Newcastle £7.4m Swansea £7.31m Tottentham £7.17m Southampton £6.29m Stoke £6.41m Crystal Palace £6.17m West Brom £4.75m Brighton £4.41m Burnley £3.29m Huddersfield £2.46

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