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10-03-2020 | 18:19 Football

Premier League clubs are preparing to take football behind closed doors

Premier League clubs are continuing to put contingency plans in place whether the games will be taken behind closed doors because of coronavirus after the deputy chief medical officer sought to allay fears by saying that the disease quickly loses it viability to transmit outdoors. One official at a London Premier League club told that they were surprised restrictions have already not been imposed on supporters attending games but they are still preparing for such an eventuality. As known, Italy’s Serie A has been postponed until at least April and games in Spain, Germany and France among others will be played in empty stadiums, there remains a doubt to introduce such measures across Britain as high-ranking figures are keen for life to continue as normal. In an interview with BBC Breakfast, deputy chief medical officer Jenny Harries claimed that outdoor events are ”relatively safe” because the chances of being infected are less significant than when indoors. “The virus won't survive very long outside,“ she said. “It will lose its viability to transmit disease, and so many outdoor events particularly are relatively safe." However, there are concerns that fans would gather in pubs and other enclosed spaces to watch games on television, although the fact such a high percentage of fans travel to games on public transport is also a worry, but no official decisions have been made yet. Source- football.london

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