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01-07-2019 | 13:55 Football

PES 2020 Demo Details: Teams and release date announced for PS4, Xbox one

eFootball PES  have renewed their contract with Barcelona, meaning that all the eyes are on the Spanish champions with the launch of the new game. Several new features have been added, designed to give the game mode a more realistic feel and more control to you over your career. On Saturday (June 29), the PES League Twitter provided a tweet showing off the PES 2020 demo teams. So far, there are 11 teams that have been revealed. The PES demo teams will include fan favorites such as Arsenal, Barcelona, Boca Juniors, River Plate, and more. In addition to the 11 teams already announced, there are three teams set to get reveals in July. The game demo itself will run on Sony’s PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One, or for PCs on Steam. Gamers can access the demo to download and install on the desired console’s store. There is currently a demo for Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 available for the various consoles and PC through the stores. As far as a PES 2020 demo release date, that will be July 30.

PES 2020: Matchday and additional game features

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