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Alla Zakarian

12-02-2019 | 13:34 Football

Pep Guardiola told Chelsea they needed 10 new players when he rejected them in 2015

Not only Maurizio Sarri’s job at risk but several players have been deemed not good enough following Sunday’s 6-0 humbling away to Manchester City. Marcos Alonso, David Luiz, Jorginho and Ross Barkley were all dreadful against City and showed why they've come under fire this season. Pedro (31), Luiz (31), Willian (30) and Olivier Giroud (32) all have birthdays between now and September and will start declining soon - if they haven't already. Whoever is in charge at Chelsea for the transfer window will have a huge task on their hands, which is exactly why Pep Guardiola turned them down in December 2015 following the sacking of Jose Mourinho. The Daily Mail reported at the time: "Pep Guardiola has been sounded out about becoming Chelsea's permanent boss next summer but is understood to have told the club they need 10 new players. Having sacked Jose Mourinho for the second time in eight years, the Blues board are scaring off potential candidates with the volatile nature of the position. Sources close to Guardiola indicate he is not happy with the current state of the squad and is wary of taking such an ever-changing role." If Chelsea were to sack Sarri they would be in the exact same position as three years ago and history could be about to repeat itself for the Blues.

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