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Karine Grigoryan

15-04-2019 | 16:49 Football

Pep Guardiola tells Manchester City players how many points they need to win title

Manchester City won 3-1 in an away game against Crystal Palace. After the win, the Citizens have collected 83 games and are currently 2nd in league. Pep Guardiola's side is 2 points behind league leaders Liverpool, although they have played a game less than the Reds. After the game, Guardiola has admitted being pleased that after the amount of games left, Premier League is in their hands. “I'm so pleased – after the amount of games we have, the Premier League is still in our hands," said City coach. “First we have Brighton in the FA Cup, then a Champions League game three days later, now this one here – no fresh legs, but for 75 to 80 minutes we were so good. “We have to win every game if we want to make back-to-back titles, we know that, and the players have shown they want to do it. No doubts. “For the last month in the Premier League we know it would be almost impossible – possible, but very difficult – if we dropped points. “But we've played with incredible personality in all the games, including the Champions League. We've collected 183 points in two seasons and there are five games left – those are incredible numbers and show how consistent we are.”

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