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26-04-2019 | 17:11 Football

Pep Guardiola outlines what top four rivals must do to reach level of Man City and Liverpool

Pep Guardiola has told Tottenham, Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United must reach in excess of 90 points in future seasons if they are to have any chance of catching City and Liverpool. Guardiola’s side fighting for the Premier League title with closest rivals Liverpool. Tottenham, Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United are battling it out to get the remaining two Champions League places. City now have 89 points, Liverpool have 88, while third-placed Spurs have only 70 points. Three games are remaining to play until the end of the current campaign. “Next season, Chelsea are getting better, United, Tottenham,” said Guardiola. “When you're 25 points above United, 22 ahead of the others, if you want to get better, you have to increase the standard. “Before it was easier than last season - everybody could lose to anybody. This season two teams won a lot of games. That's the standard we have set. “Like Usain Bolt when he does a 100-metre race – that's the standard. Other people have to reach it. Like Jack Nicklaus with 18 Grand Slams and Tiger Woods, that’s the standard, it's the same. 100 points last season? If you want to compete you have to do that. I say right now, to maintain that level now, after what we’ve done, I'd sign for that. I don't expect more than that. To do that we have to push each other, knowing the other teams are at the same level as us, focus on every single game, do what you have to do to win that game, respect the opponents, work hard, improve on what we have done this season - that’s the only way I know.”

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