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Karine Grigoryan

02-11-2019 | 17:35 Football

Pep Guardiola agrees with Jurgen Klopp over fixture pile-up

Pep Guardiola has agreed with Jurgen Klopp claiming that too many games are wrecking football players. Liverpool coach recently has complained about fixture pile-up as the Reds are currently trying to find a date for their Carabao Cup game against Aston Villa. “I completely agree,” said Guardiola. “Less games. Less fixtures, less competitions, more recovery. “We play December 27 and 29 in winter. It’s always the debate, in UEFA meetings they talk about it. I’m with Jurgen about it being too much.” Manchester City will host Southampton, while Liverpool will play an away game against Aston Villa today, November 2. source - Mirror

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