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06-10-2020 | 16:46 Tennis

Novak Djokovic reacts to hitting another line judge in the face with a ball

Novak Djokovic has revealed that there was a sense of "awkward déjà vu" after he accidentally hit a line judge in the face at the French Open. Djokovic was disqualified from US Open 2020 for accidentally hitting the official in the throat with a spare ball, last month and there was another similar incident on Monday in Paris. "My gosh, it was very awkward déjà vu," said Djokovic. "I’m actually trying to find the lines person and see if he’s okay because I saw he had a little bit of a bruise, like redness, in that place in the head where the ball hit him. I hope he’s fine. "I mean, he definitely dealt with it in a very strong and brave way. But it was a hit because I was very close. "Obviously because of what happened in New York, people I guess are going to make the story out of this. "It has happened to me and to many other players in the last 15 years that I’ve been on the tour. "I’ve seen it a lot when the ball ricochets from the racquet and the frame, hits someone in the stands, or someone that is close to you or line umpire. "Yeah, it was a very awkward situation obviously." "The technology is so advanced right now, there is absolutely no reason why you should keep line umpires on the court. That’s my opinion," Djokovic added. "Of course, I understand technology is expensive, so it’s an economic issue and a question mark. "But I feel like we are all moving towards that, and sooner or later there is no reason to keep line umpires." He added: "Yes, ball kids, of course, ball person, yes, but line umpires, I don’t see why anymore, to be honest. I would also probably then have less chances to do what I did in New York." Djokovic celebrated a  6-4 6-3 6-3 win over Karen Khachanov. source - Metro

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