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16-04-2019 | 16:39 Tennis

Novak Djokovic: “Private life affects your profession”

Novak Djokovic has admitted private life affects his profession. The Serbian star aims to find a balance between the tennis court and his family. Djokovic got married to his wife Jelena Novak back in 2014 after they got engaged the previous year. The union was a highlight for a relationship which has endured a handful several years as the two met in high school and became lovers in 2005. They now have four children. "The future of the sport will be very demanding in terms of holistic approach to professional sport, in terms of pay attention to every aspect of your life, both private and professional, which I hope will make people grow and shape their character, perspective of life, the values they represent, working on their skills. Emotional stability or instability affects your profession. Being a father and a husband is a blessing, I am very thankful and grateful for that but it's also responsibility, it made me understand how I need to adapt to new changes in my life. But it also gave me this great sense of serenity, confidence, comfort and fulfil in every aspect of my life", Djokovic said in a press conference. Last year, the Serbian has opened up about the mental struggles he had to overcome to win Wimbledon.  He found it difficult to rediscover his form in coming back from an injured right elbow that needed surgery and forced him off the tour for the last half of 2017. Djokovic added: "Once you step inside your home, whatever happens on that day, you leave it behind because in that place tennis is not the priority. It's the baby, the family and all the duties that go with it, of course giving as much as attention to your dear ones, that's the purpose of the life, that's the happiness and the real values that you need in your life. If you are able to balance that as well, with your profession, which I am trying to do, of course, you will have positive results."


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