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25-12-2020 | 23:01 Tennis

Novak Djokovic 'needs' two Grand Slams in 2021 to beat Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal

Novak Djokovic needs "at least" two Grand Slam triumphs in 2021 if he wants to usurp Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer and end with the most majors of all time, believes Greg Rusedski. The Serbian world No 1 ended the year as the top-ranked player for the sixth time in his career. "I think he will [surpass Sampras' record for most year-end No 1s and Federer's record for most weeks as No 1] but the only guy I'm thinking is that Nadal might have more Slams than him," Rusedski told Express Sport. "Djokovic is going to surpass Federer, he won't have the most wins or the most titles but he will surpass him for most Grand Slam titles. I think the battle is between two guys. Not winning that US Open, that would've taken him to 18 instead of 17 and now Nadal, you've got to give him the French unless [Dominic] Thiem can knock him off his pedestal in Paris. "That's the only guy who can beat him in my opinion there. He needs two Slams next year at least, or three. It becomes fascinating, there's so many curveballs. The next generation of guys are sick of this big three!" Former British No 1 Rusedski does not believe that Federer will be a threat to Djokovic in Melbourne. Rusedski added of the Swiss icon: "I don't think he's got a shot to win the Australian Open or the French, those will be big asks for him. He can still have good runs there but won't win them. Wimbledon, that's where he's aiming at. He's won eight titles there. The points against Novak, that must be the most heartbreaking loss of his career. "[If he wins that] All of a sudden that takes him to 21 and leaves Djokovic right now at 16 and he's still ahead in the race over Nadal. One match or one point can make such a big difference to somebody's career - trust me I know about these things!"
Source: Express

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