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Alla Zakarian

18-04-2019 | 16:15 Tennis

Novak Djokovic explains why training makes him have butterflies in stomach

Novak Djokovic, has won 24 on hard courts and 8 on clay and now the World No.1 has spoken out on his training in the transition from hard courts to clay and has admitted, they are “bring butterflies” to his stomach. Following Miami Open, the Serb hit hard the gym. "There is still a lot of intensity and more specific work nowadays. It just depends, it goes through phases sometimes, you try to work with less information and it feels better because it's simpler sometimes, you need a little feedback from your coach, more conversation but there is a lot of sweat involved otherwise it would be very hard to be at the top of men's game and to play consistently well throughout the entire year so I know what it takes and how demanding it is. But I enjoy the process, that's what counts the most and what brings you butterflies in the stomach", said Djokovic.

Source- TennisWorldUSA

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