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09-06-2020 | 18:32 Tennis

Nick Kyrgios admits winning Grand Slams is ‘not a goal’ as he prefers ‘chill out’

Nick Kyrgios insists winning Grand Slams is not his main goal, adding that he prefers to “be on the beers every time he plays”. He has reached only two Grand Slam quarter-finals while he is yet to reach the world top 10 as he has a career-high ranking of 13. “It doesn’t excite me because I’d much rather just have a fun week or fun week and a half, make the quarters or a semi-final with the boys [and] banter around,” he told his Elliot Loney’s podcast “By that time my body would be absolutely spent anyway. I don’t believe my body will hold up for seven matches at a Grand Slam, potentially playing three to four hours (each match), but I am okay with that.” Kyrgios has been without a coach for several years now and he is adamant he doesn’t want a coach. “Having a coach for me, personally, is a little bit of a waste of money because I think they get paid way too much,” he said. “Physically I know I can get better, I can get fitter, I can get stronger, but I don’t need someone to tell me that. I don’t really think a coach would add any value to me. He added: “I just don’t think a coach is ready to deal with the whole rollercoaster of coaching me– and I’m not going to put them through it too because it would just be a nightmare. It’s not going to be what you think it is going to be, I guarantee that and I wouldn’t do it to them as I think it is selfish of me to go ‘I’m ready to get coached’ and then I put them through all this stuff. “And, for me, I don’t have a goal of winning Grand Slams. I just want to do it my way, have fun with it and just play. To get a coach for me is pointless because I don’t want to waste their time. Why not work with someone who has all these goals and want to achieve all these things in this sport, work with them, not me. If I could, I’d just be on the beers every time I play – afterwards. I just want to chill out. I just think the sport’s taken a bit too seriously.” Source: Tennis365

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