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08-04-2020 | 18:15 Basketball

NBA 2K Players Tournament. Player's team selection: Bucks, LA Lakers, LA Clippers

With the NBA being on suspension, National Basketball Association (NBA) and the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) announced the “NBA 2K Players Tournament", which began on April 3. The NBA 2K20 gameplay tournament is a tournament between 16 current NBA players, who will compete in a single-elimination, player-only tournament on Xbox One and the winner will receive a $100,000 charity donation in their name to support coronavirus relief efforts. According to ESPN, each of the players will use simulated NBA team and once the player has used one of his eight pre-selected teams, he cannot use it again in the tournament. The players have already participated in the round 1 games and on April 7, the players who remain in the tournament will participate in the quarterfinals.

Round 1 results

Derrick Jones Jr. (Bucks) 78 — Kevin Durant (Clippers) 62 Deandre Ayton (Rockets) 57 — Zach LaVine (Heat) 41 Trae Young (Bucks) 101 — Harrison Barnes (Raptors) 59 Patrick Beverley (Bucks) 84 — Hassan Whiteside (Lakers) 54 Montrezl Harrell (Clippers) 73 — Domantas Sabonis (Pacers) 51 Rui Hachimura (Lakers) 74 — Donovan Mitchell (Nets) 71 Devin Booker (Bucks) 85 — Michael Porter Jr. (Lakers) 75 Andre Drummond (Lakers) 101 — Michael Porter Jr. (Nets) 49


Derrick Jones Jr vs Montrezl Harrell Devin Booker vs Hashimura Rui Trae Young vs Deandre Ayton Andre Drummond vs Patrick Beverly

Player's team selection

Teams selected by Derrick Jones Jr: Milwaukee Bucks (used), Brooklyn Nets, LA Clippers, LA Lakers, Boston Celtics, Philadelphia 76ers, Miami Heat, Dallas Mavericks. Teams selected by Montrezl Harrell: Houston Rockets, Miami Heat, Boston Celtics, LA Clippers(used), Milwaukee Bucks, Brooklyn Nets, Oklahoma City Thunder, Portland Trail Blazers. Teams selected by Devin Booker: LA Lakers, Milwaukee Bucks (used), LA Clippers, Dallas Mavericks, Denver Nuggets, Houston Rockets, Toronto Raptors, Boston Celtics. Teams selected by Hashimura Rui: LA Lakers (used), LA Clippers, Milwaukee Bucks, Boston Celtics, Dallas Mavericks, Brooklyn Nets, Washington Wizards, Toronto Raptors. Teams selected by Trae Young: Milwaukee Bucks (used), LA Clippers, LA Lakers, Boston Celtics, Houston Rockets, Portland Trail Blazers, Brooklyn Nets, Atlanta Hawks. Teams selected by Deandre Ayton: Phoenix Suns, Milwaukee Bucks, LA Clippers, LA Lakers, Houston Rockets (used), Utah Jazz, New Orleans Pelicans, Brooklyn Nets. Teams selected by Andre Drummond: Milwaukee Bucks, Dallas Mavericks, Cleveland Cavaliers, LA Clippers, LA Lakers (used), Denver Nuggets, Washington Wizards. Teams selected by Patrick Beverly: LA Clippers, Milwaukee Bucks (used), Utah Jazz, Boston Celtics, Portland Trail Blazers, Philadelphia 76ers, Denver Nuggets, Houston Rockets. Click here to see all the odds for the tournament suggested by VBET.com
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