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22-02-2018 | 13:02 Football

Mustafi: Premier League has forced me to improve

Shkodran Mustafi is convinced his development has accelerated since joining Arsenal.

"The Premier League is the most intense league in Europe or even in the world," Mustafi told Arsenal Player. “I knew that before but now that I've played a lot of games, it's just something that you feel. Your body feels really tired because you have a lot of games and it's not used to it, so that shows you that the league is really intense. “I think you grow. When I was younger and when I started to play in Italy and Spain, you always heard people saying, 'It comes with experience' but what is that experience? Why is everyone saying it? “Then when you play in the Premier League alongside players who have won a lot of trophies or who have played a lot of games in the Premier League, they give you this kind of experience so you make less mistakes, you react differently to different situations. I would say that in the last year I've taken a lot of experience for myself."

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