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09-06-2020 | 15:42 Football

Moussa Sissoko hands Jose Mourinho and Tottenham big boost ahead of Manchester United clash

Moussa Sissoko has stated he is "ready to go again" as the return of the Premier League edges ever closer. Tottenham will restart their Premier League action next Friday against Manchester United. Sissoko had returned to training before the fixture against the Red Devils on Sunday, March 15 but the suspension of football in England allowed him more time to recover and get back to full fitness. Speaking about his recovery from the knee injury he sustained at Southampton he has claimed the time away from football allowed him to reflect on his career so far and what he can do on the pitch over the coming years. “At the beginning it wasn’t easy," he told the club's official website. "First of all, it was my first big injury since I played football but after, you need to accept that and try to do everything to come back as soon as possible. “I was ready to come back in March but the virus came so I had to stay out of training like everyone, but at the same time it was good because I had more time to recover and to work even more to be fit. Now, since we’ve come back, I’m feeling very well, I don’t have any pain so I’m ready to go again, to compete and play games. “You realise when you are playing and training that you are lucky, because you can do what you like the most in your life. When you’re out, it’s difficult to see people training, to see people playing games and you want to be part of it, but you can’t. “Again, you need to say, ‘okay you’re injured, but it’s not the end of the world’ and you will do everything to try to come back. Some people in the world, they are in the hospital, they are dying every day, but for me, I will have a chance to go back on the pitch again. “At the same time it was a good time to relax a little bit more, maybe to spend a little bit more time with my family and to have a different vision of football and everything, and to think also about what I’ve done in the past in my career and what I can do in the next few years so it’s been a good experience, of course I hope I will not be injured again, but I’ve had this time so I could think a lot about everything and now I’m very happy to be back on the pitch.” Source: Football.london  

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