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22-04-2019 | 12:34 Football

Mohamed Salah AGAIN branded a ‘diver’ after Liverpool win at Cardiff

After Liverpool’s 0-2 win over Cardiff Egyptian star Mohamed Salah has been accused diving by Neil Warnock. Mo Salah won a penalty in the 80th minute, which James Milner converted, to help Liverpool to a 2-0 win over Cardiff City. Cardiff defender Sean Morrison grappled with Salah but was unhappy with the Liverpool forward’s theatrical fall to the ground. Cardiff boss Warnock, who also claimed Morrison should have had a penalty at the other end after having his shirt pulled by Andy Robertson, said: “I thought it was a soft one. We gave him an opportunity, didn’t we? He’s got his arms round him and everything. “But I think the end of it was a 9.9 Tom Daley job. I don’t think he could have got much higher off the diving board at the end of it. “But I’m sure you’ll be saying Warnock is a moaning so and so again. I think just after half time, the tug on Morrison’s shirt which should have been spotted when, Graeme Souness says by the letter of the law it should be a penalty because it stops him making a clear header at goal. “But nothing much said about that. We’ve not had any of those. He’s been pulled from pillar to post has Morrison and we’ve not had a penalty so we’re not going to start getting them getting now. “It’s a fabulous Premier League title race because both sides are unbelievable. I felt we could get something but one slack bit of marking at a corner and that’s the quality they’ve got really.” Salah has also been criticised for going to ground easily in attempts to win penalties against Newcastle and Chelsea earlier this season. However, Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp defended his player. “I think there is no doubt about it. If the defender uses the hand four or five times, it is a penalty.”

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