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18-08-2018 | 18:15 Football

Mido: "Jurgen Klopp was the best man for him (Salah) because he could change the way he was playing."

The ex-Egypt star Mido thinks, that Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has helped to Mohamed Salah turning into one of the world's best players at The Reds. "What a great job [Salah] has done, he has been unbelievable. He is focused and people are asking if he is going to do the same again this season, and I think he will. "He is so focused, he has only one interest in his life and this is football. He works hard every day and you could see the way he played last game that he is still determined and hungry to score goals. He is scary. "If I was playing against him I would be so scared. He is so quick, sharp and can score different type of goals. And to be honest, Jurgen Klopp was the best man for him because he could change the way he was playing. "Salah at Roma, Chelsea and Basel was a winger, a proper winger. Getting it wide, playing one versus versus on the touchline. "He was a touchline player, but Klopp has been very clever. He has tucked him in a little bit and put him in the pockets as a second striker and he has always got someone behind him to defend well for him. "So Salah, he doesn't need to do a lot of work defensively. OK, he presses and counter-presses well but he doesn't have to track back as much like he used to do at Chelsea and used to do at Roma, which makes him fresher when gets the ball." "People love him at Liverpool," he added. "He is working with the manager he wants to work with. I don't see him leaving. If he didn't leave this transfer window, he is not going anywhere. "I have spoke to people around him and he is very happy and he wants to stay as long as he can. Why would he want to leave? OK, Real Madrid and Barcelona are big clubs, but Liverpool is a big club. "Why would you take the risk? It's a big risk. At Liverpool he has really established himself and I really think Mohamed Salah wants to stay at Liverpool at least another three or four years," told Mido to Sky Sports.

Liverpool won the race for Ajax’s player beating Chelsea, Manchester United and Manchester City

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