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Alla Zakarian

11-11-2019 | 00:19 Formula 1

Michael Schumacher's wife on the F1 legend: "He is in the very best of hands"

One of the greatest Formula 1 drivers of all time and F1 legend Michael Schumacher suffered a serious head injury whilst skiing in 2013 and for the first time since then his wife, Corinna Schumacher, has spoken about it. "He did everything for me. I will never forget who I have to thank. That would be my husband Michael," Corinna said to SHE magazine when asked about life before her husband's accident. "Please understand if we are following Michael's wishes and keeping such a sensitive subject as health, as it has always been, in privacy. At the same time, we say thank you very much for your friendship and wish you a healthy and happy year." Schumacher's condition is still uncertain but it is thought he is suffering the effects of serious brain damage. Source- GPblog

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