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06-12-2020 | 19:18 Football

Michael Owen says in-form Chelsea star could cost them Premier League title

Michael Owen is not convinced that Olivier Giroud is an ‘elite’ player and questioned whether Chelsea can win the Premier League with him starting up front every week. Giroud scored four goals in a 4-0 win against Sevilla to ensure Chelsea topped their Champions League group. He also scored against Leeds as the Blues climbed to the top of the Premier League with a 3-1 win. The 34-year-old made his first league start of the season against Leeds. "He is an all-round player, isn’t he," Owen told Premier League Productions. "He doesn’t set your pulse racing because he hasn’t got electric pace, he doesn’t do the exciting things. He doesn’t beat five players and smack it in the top corner but he’s a very, very functional player who adds so much to the team. "He can hold the ball up, you can bounce off him, he scores goals. But hang on a minute, he has been around 10 odd years. Why did Arsenal let him go? Why have Chelsea rarely played him? "He was close to leaving a season or so ago because there was a World Cup at the end and all these reasons, he had to start playing. A lot of top managers haven’t started him consistently. It’s not to say he’s a bad player but we’re talking elite, elite, elite to win the Premier League. You need one of the best few in the world." Owen added: "I watch him and I admire him. World Cup winner. Don’t get me wrong, I really rate him. Zero goals at the World Cup. He’s a very good player. But not everyone is wrong about him. Would you play him every single week if you were trying to win the league? I think you’d be looking for someone a little bit better. That’s what’s happened throughout his career." "Lampard did try and sell him 12 months ago. Of course, you’re well within your rights to change your mind. I’m just playing devil’s advocate. We’re all getting carried away. I just watched him and thought he was brilliant. I watched him midweek and thought he was brilliant. But you’ve got to think back and think, “hang on a minute”, he’s never been – for Arsenal he was never… and that wasn’t a league winning team."
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