Michael Owen makes startling admission about his career after 2004

Former Liverpool forward Michael Owen, who scored 40 goals for England, wants to erase the second half of his career from people’s memories. Speaking with former Sunderland goalkeeper David Preece for Mundial, Owen admitted he dislikes the perception of his career after the latter years. “That was the first time I ever travelled with the first team as part of the playing squad,” the 39-year-old said. “Ronnie Moran pulled me over that morning and said I was in the squad. I didn’t have anything with me, my tracksuit or anything. I remember getting to Roker Park and standing in the centre circle absolutely s******g myself. I had to ask one of the older lads to borrow their mobile so I could call my mum’s house and tell her.” “I don’t have many regrets,” he added. “Not even the injuries. I couldn’t do anything about them. I just wish that everyone remembered the player I was from 18 to 24 and that I could erase the second half of my career from everyone’s memories. Don’t get me wrong, there were still highlights. I scored in an El Clasico and the Manchester derby, but generally, the last thing fans remember you for is what they take away with them forever.”

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