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Karine Grigoryan

22-12-2018 | 14:23 Football

Mesut Ozil will not be given special treatment at Arsenal

Head coach Unai Emery believes Mesut Ozil has a future at Arsenal  but insists that the German will not be given special treatment just because he is the highest-paid player at the club. When asked if the former Mesut has future at Arsenal Emery replied: “Yes, why not?” “I am not thinking about this situation. He has scored three goals, he give us assists. Some matches we need different things tactically and individually. It’s not only for him," later the Arsenal boss continued. “For me the player’s salary is not important for me, I don’t know the player’s salary because for me they are the same. Every player, I want to give them the same conversation or the same decision for play or not play. “The most important thing for me is the commitment and they are every player with the commitment. And then when I decide they are not to play because of a tactical decision, it’s with him and another. “If you are asking this is different because one is with more salary and the other is less salary, for me it’s the same.” In addition, Arsenal will be hosting Burnley FC on December 22nd at 12.30pm UK time. Currently the Gunners have 34 points and are 5th in the league.

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