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26-02-2019 | 17:48 Football

Maurizio Sarri speaks out on Arrizabalaga, bad run and Tottenham: Press Conference

Chelsea will look to shake off the disappointment of Sunday’s EFL cup final defeat to Manchester City when they welcome Tottenham at Stamford Bridge. Ahead of the game, Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri has faced the press. Straight in on Kepa - 'his apology not enough' Sunday we did a wonderful match. It is difficult to not concede anything in the defensive phase. I am the coach so I have to focus on the performance. I spoke to Kepa, I spoke to everyone. He said sorry to the technical staff, but it was not enough. He said sorry to the players and the club. We don’t want to kill him. Will Kepa play? I don’t know, I have to decide yes or no. I think so (he is fit), he only had a recovery yesterday but I think so. It will be the decision of the group, of all the players. Should teammates have hauled Kepa off? It was really a very unusual situation so the players were very shocked. It was impossible to react immediately. Who decided to fine Kepa? It was the club. At this club there are some rules so he has to accept the club’s decision. Player power? It was a big misunderstanding. I have to value the performance. They played with a great level of application. Sarri on the bad run At the beginning we had more enthusiasm I think, to remedy mistakes. Then we played without enthusiasm for a period, maybe we were only tired. Of course in the defensive movement we are better now. If we don’t stop to defend, against City we stopped to defend. Now we are improving in the defensive phase and in the last two matches. I think we are able to have a great solidity in the defensive phase. On attempt to bring Caballero on I didn’t want a goalkeeper with cramp for the penalties. Caballero knows very well the other players at Manchester. I thought it was better with a goalkeeper with very good condition to go to the penalties. I don’t think anything because penalties are a lottery. Will Kepa start? I need to send a message to my group, whether Kepa is on the pitch or off it. I have to decide what is better for my group. Is Kepa ready to play? He has to be. He made a mistake, there are some consequences. If it is to play he has to be ready, if it is on the bench then he has to be ready. Asked whether he feels undermined by his goalkeeper, Sarri says: No. After Sunday for me it is over. Must Maurizio win against Spurs to keep his job? I am not under pressure, you have to ask the club. I am doing this job for 35 years, the pressure is normal pressure. I don’t know why you ask me. I want to win every match. In defence of Azpilicueta The captain spoke to me immediately after the match, then he spoke with Kepa. Yesterday, we spoke all together. The situation is clear in the dressing room. Sarri on looking like he was heading down the Wembley tunnel I needed a minute to become calm. On Alonso being dumped from the squad I didn’t want another left-back on the bench. At the moment Emerson is doing very well so I have to use him. It depends on the condition. It is not a big problem to not have a great time at the top. Do the player's still respected you? - Sarri asked Did you see the match on Sunday? So you know the answer. I think better, yes.

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