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27-01-2021 | 14:56 Football

Mason Greenwood reveals what Edinson Cavani does better than any player at Manchester United

Manchester United's Mason Greenwood reveals he has never seen a striker move in the same way as teammate Edinson Cavani. The 33-year-old Uruguayan has transformed United's attack so far this season, scoring five goals in total across 18 appearances for the club. Greenwood, while speaking to club official website, said: “For me, it’s his movement really. I’ve never seen a striker do as many movements. “He does probably the same movement about six or seven times a game, like the one against Southampton, he does that every day in training. He scored two from doing the exact same thing. “It’s good to see a high-level striker at the club you can take note of. He’s a top striker, you can tell the second he came here. “The stuff he does, the way he dresses himself, the way he trains, the way he does everything right as a footballer really. “He reminds me a lot of Juan [Mata] who’s here as well, and Nemanja [Matic] – two great professional players. It’s always good to have them in your team, as a young lad, to look up to and to take note of.” Source- Manchester Evening News Join us on Telegram!

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