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Alla Zakarian

07-12-2018 | 15:39 Tennis

Manolo Santana: “Roger Federer is a master. I love Rafael Nadal's forehand”

The tennis legend Manolo Santana insists, Roger Federer is a master but he loves Rafael Nadal’s forehead. “People who like tennis and who like to see matches, like the show, for example, the great master that is Federer, who does what he does with the ball. For me, he is a tennis creator. I think new things will be added to win. Rules can change a little but the most important thing is that you keep the competition that always existed. I see the show and the player more together than ever.” Asked about what's his favourite shot, Santana said: “I love Rafa (Nadal)'s forehand. I like how he varies it, it's amazing to see him play. On the backhand side, I like Federer. I would have liked to play with Rafa, struggling but I would have definitely been able to control the ball.' Will, one day, tennis have more than four Grand Slams? 'I think so. It means tennis improved a lot. There would be a fifth or sixth Grand Slam. As for countries that could host a new Grand Slam, potentially, I see more the European countries than American, because you have a good amount of guys, good ones, who play very well.”

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