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22-04-2019 | 19:37 Football

Manchster United legend Gary Neville sends brutal message to Ed Woodward after Everton defeat

Manchester United lost 4-0 in an away game against Everton on Sunday. After the game, United legend Gary Neville made a huge statement about the club claiming that the Premier League title is now a distant memory with the club “now in the wilderness.” (via DailyStar) "I'm concerned. This idea that Manchester United won the league a few years ago has gone. They are now in the wilderness," Neville told Sky Sports. "Six years is a long time. Things can turn around quickly but big decisions need to be made swiftly and soon. "Solskjaer said on Friday that he needs to rebuild this team and the squad. He also said he requires a couple of transfer windows. "Who is rebuilding this squad for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and the Manchester United fans? I've asked that since Christmas and even the start of the season. "I don't believe there is anyone there who is able to rebuild the club back up from a football point of view in the way that it needs to be rebuilt.”  "I might be proved wrong and out of order in saying that. But right now there is evidence to suggest that there is something wrong,” Neville added. Currently Manchester United are 6th in the league with 64 points and are two points down from the top 4.

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