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28-04-2020 | 19:33 Football

Manchester United concept kits for the 2020/2021 season. Different designs and fan reactions

As the current season is on suspension due to coronavirus pandemic, fans have found a way to cope with the world without football. Some are rewatching good old games, some are playing FIFA or PES and some are getting creative. Usually when the football season is over, one of the questions concerning the football fans is how their club's upcoming kit will look like. Many clubs' upcoming kits have been leaked online and having that in mind, fans who are good at graphic design have made concept kits. Here are several different versions of Manchester United's concept kits for the upcoming season.

Manchester United concept kits by Seth Reese

Seth Reese (@offseth_ Twitter username) has made four different versions of the Red Devils kits. The concept kits have different colors - red, blue, white and the fourth one is black. "Kept the crest from this season’s kits as the permanent crest. Minimalistic designs - goal was to keep kits as clean as possible," wrote Reese on Twitter.

Manchester United x Adidas - Concepts by Saintetixx

Sports designer Saintetixx ( Twitter username @Saintetixx) has made three different versions of the kit, which have red, white and black colors. Here is how the fans have reacted. Up next two other designs 

Manchester United away kit 2020/21 (concept) by Kyle

Designer Kyle (Twitter username @KDesign__) has made the Man United's away concept kit, which has a green color. Here is what the fans had to say about it.

Manchester United black kit concept by Matthew McFadyen

Graphic designer Matthew McFadyen (Twitter username @_maffoo) the Red Devil's black kit concept. The designer has added some comments on the picture of the kit. Here is what the fans were saying about it.

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