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29-04-2023 | 17:20 Football
Man United starlet Mason Greenwood tells his friends "he's finished" at the club
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Man United starlet tells his friends "he's finished" at the club

Rumors say that Man United starlet Mason Greenwood has told his friends that "he's finished" at the club and won't expect to return.

Despite criminal charges against him being dropped in February 2023, the English forward Mason Greenwood has not been reintegrated into the first-team squad at Old Trafford. 

“He wants to get back playing football but realises his situation is very complicated and it’s his own doing. He is determined to play football again but doesn’t think he’ll ever pull on a United shirt ever again,” say the sources via Sun.

Greenwood was arrested in January 2022 on charges of attempted rape, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, and controlling and coercive behavior, which were later dismissed. This led to discussions about his potential return to football.

Last year, the club spent 12 weeks investigating the player's case. Prior to the criminal allegations and arrest, Greenwood played in Manchester United for 15 months and has been celebrated for his skills on the pitch. 

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