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Alla Zakarian

29-07-2020 | 12:22 Football

Liverpool's eye-watering prize money for ending Premier League title wait

Liverpool could earn a £155m as a result of winning the Premier League this season. The Reds finished the season on 99 points. Their success helped the club's finances. According to Swiss Ramble estimating the title win saw the club earn a total of £175m, before a discount agreed by the Premier League to partially reimburse broadcasters was announced. Prize money for each club at the end of the season is broken down into four sections - equal share, facility fees, merit payments and central commercial revenues. An equal share is 50% of total prize money which is shared between all 20 clubs, with Liverpool expected to earn £32m. Facility fees relate to the 25% based on the number of matches broadcast in the UK, with the Reds estimated to take away £31m. Merit payments is where they really scoop up, however, with this payment based on the finishing position in the league table, and their reward for coming top of the pile is thought to be a cool £35.5m. Finally, central commercial revenues are also shared between all clubs and is believed to be £5m each this year. All of this, plus an increased figure of £71.3m from overseas TV, adds up to just shy of £175m. Source: The Mirror

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