Liverpool legend makes prediction for when Jurgen Klopp leaves Anfield

Liverpool legend John Aldridge says it will be “a sad moment” when Jurgen Klopp quit Anfield. There are fears among Liverpool fans that Klopp will leave Anfield when his current contract expires in 2022. However, former Liverpool striker Aldridge says Reds fans shouldn't worry too much about Klopp's exit. "It will be a sad moment when the time does come for him to say goodbye but hopefully that's a long way off yet," Aldridge said in his column for the Liverpool Echo . "I'd love him to stay forever but ultimately we can trust him to do what's best for himself and Liverpool Football Club. "One thing we do know. when he does go, he'll leave us in a really good situation and a better state than he found us in when he arrived, which is not always the case with other managers."  


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