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Karine Grigoryan

04-05-2019 | 15:15 Football

Liverpool fired title warning ahead of clash with Newcastle

Liverpool will be playing an away game against Newcastle on Saturday, May 4th. Ahead of the game, Newcastle midfielder Christian Atsu has sent a title warning to the Reds. “Well if Liverpool think we are just going to roll over for them to ride on then they are not ready to win the league," Atsu told Mirror Sport. "We might be safe but we want to finish the season on a high and, if anybody knows how the manager works, we will prepare for this game like we have prepared for all games this season - with the sole purpose of winning it. "We are in a good moment and we want to see it out very well.” “Football is always about chance and when you have the chance you have to take it, work hard and keep going," he continued. "The problem is sometimes players find it very difficult to find the right club and when they do it’s harder to find the right coach to give them the chance to play.” “Then there is the rare cases of when a player goes to a particular club and no matter what he does things just don’t go well for him. “In my situation the only choice I had was to continue working hard and knowing that I would find what I want, and then Newcastle came along. "I worked hard then when the opportunities started coming I listened to the manager and gave off my best. “Everywhere you find yourself there is a reason you are there and for me at that time maybe I was meant to learn something from there.” Currently Liverpool are one point behind league leaders Manchester City.

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