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27-05-2019 | 17:48 Football

Lionel Messi has been told he's wrong for what he said about Liverpool

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Earlier this month Barcelona were eliminated from the Champions League semi-finals after having lost 4-0 (4-3) to Liverpool. After the elimination, Lionel Messi spoke about the game and claimed that Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde wasn't to blame for the defeat, but him and his team-mates were at fault. However, former goalkeeper Shaka Hislop says that Messi is wrong for what he said about Liverpool's win over Barcelona. "I'm not so sure. The reason I'm this uncertain is because this wasn't a one-off. We saw exactly this 12 months ago," told the former goalkeeper to ESPN. "And as much as I sympathise with Lionel Messi and how he feels about Valverde, that hasn't been much of a secret over the last couple of years that he's a Valverde fan and would like to see him stay. "I think the other challenge for Barcelona is, if you get rid of Valverde, who's going to come in? I don't think there are any names that come to mind, certainly not right now. "But for me, Valverde has to shoulder some of the blame. Now, again, if it was just the Liverpool game, you could say 'well, okay'. "But for it to happen against Roma 12 months ago and for him to have a similar response, or lack of, for Barcelona last season to go undefeated up until their last away game against Levante and for some ridiculous reason you leave Lionel Messi at home, that's on the manager."

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