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20-01-2018 | 13:02 Football

Lionel Messi and Barcelona tax fraud saga continues

Barcelona striker Lionel Messi's charity fund is alleged to have received illegal money transfers from the club between years 2010 and 2013.

According to Spanish tax authorities, during this three year period FC Barcelona transferred around 7.5 million euros to Lionel Messi's charity fund, Football Leaks and Der Spiegel inform. The fund was founded back in 2007 by the player, his father Jorge Messi and brother Rodrigo Messi. However, the fond received Spanish registration only in 2013, so it was not allowed to receive donations before the date. Spanish law also does not allow the unregistered funds to require tax credits for itself or for any of the shareholders. The authorities are alleging cooperation of the player and the club in their attempt of helping the club avoid tax payments. Lionel Messi's brother commented on the situation, mentioning that the fund never broke the Spanish law, and the late registration was just an issue connected with the mistake of their ex-consultants.  

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