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15-11-2018 | 12:35 Formula 1

Lewis Hamilton reveals his number one dream

Lewis Hamilton admits his number one dream was to meet Formula One legend Ayrton Senna, but winning world titles remains his priority right now. The Mercedes ace snapped up the fifth title and only Michael Schumacher has more championship triumph than he does with seven. “Top of the list every year has been winning the world title. There's never been anything above that," the Mercedes driver told BBC Sport. "Other dreams... I always wanted to meet Ayrton Senna but never got to do that.” Hamilton won’t be just settling for a quiet lifestyle once he calls time on his racing career. “Try to learn a language, read more books, find some time to go away with the family and do something spontaneous. Just random things,” Hamilton added. "I love space. I would love to go to space. That's a dream that is kind of crazy. I'd love to go in a fighter jet. I went to Nasa last year which was awesome so that was one of my dreams. I'm massively into space. I don't have the list on the top of my mind right now but, the one I was aiming on at the beginning of the year, I reached."

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