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Alla Zakarian

23-10-2018 | 11:56 Formula 1

Lewis Hamilton: “Pace difference 'serious problem' for F1”

Championship leader Lewis Hamilton says the gap between the top teams and the other in the field is a “serious problem” for F1. "As you get within five seconds, you immediately feel the effect of the turbulent air," said the Mercedes driver. "The other guys are doing their own races so they don't want to slow down much for you. I was stuck behind the Toro Rossos and just couldn't get close to them," Hamilton added. "It's a difficult situation. The difference in speed between the cars is too much. It's a serious problem for our sport. "How can Williams and McLaren be three seconds behind? It's too much," said Hamilton. "We need to change the rules to reduce these speed differences, and then we'll get great races like we see in MotoGP."

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