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04-03-2020 | 19:33 Formula 1

Lewis Hamilton fired warning as Charles Leclerc agrees with Max Verstappen on F1 championship

Last month, Max Verstappen stated that it does not matter who he is fighting on the track, as long as it’s for the top positions and added: “Lewis Hamilton is not God”.  Charles Leclerc of Ferrari agreed with Verstappen. Hamilton is aiming to win his sixth world title to equal the record of legendary Michael Schumacher. Leclerc and Verstappen, meanwhile, want to win their first titles. Leclerc and Verstappen both signed new contracts with their respective teams. Following his contract extension, during one of the interviews, Verstappen was asked if he can beat Hamilton over the stretch of a season and he said: “Yes. Of course, it is very car-dependent in Formula One. Lewis is very good. He is definitely one of the best out there. He is not God, maybe God is with him, but he is not God.” Leclerc has backed up Verstappen’s comments on Hamilton. "Max is right, nobody is invulnerable," Leclerc told Italian outlet Quotidiano Nazionale. "Not even Lewis, who is obviously a great champion." Asked if he envies Hamilton, Leclerc said: "He is certainly much more experienced, he has been in Formula One since 2007, I have only been from 2018. Hamilton is more complete than I am. For example, I must learn to manage the tires better in the race. Lewis is a phenomenon in this."  Source: Express

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